Systemic-Functional Grammar and Multimodal Studies
An introduction with text analysis


This book provides a concise and easily accessible introduction to systemic-functional grammar with its student-friendly discussions and critical points of analysis for classroom and individual use, grounding functional theories in examples taken from authentic contemporary texts, such as newspapers articles, movie scripts and blogs.

The book also introduces key theories to multimodal studies, subsequently devoting the applicative sections to text analysis for classroom practice. Its final section thus facilitates guided study by providing suggestions for textual explorations on a range of mainly web-based examples, such as YouTube videos, digital adverts, horoscopes, emails and websites, combining systemic-functional language analysis and multimodal approaches to contemporary communication and interaction.

With its broad, far-ranging approach, clear and detailed theoretical explanations, text analyses, classroom activities and suggested readings, this coursebook has proved to be invaluable for students and teachers in the fields of linguistics, social sciences, media and communication studies, political sciences and humanities.



Sindoni Maria Grazia



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170 mm x 240 mm


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An introduction with text analysis”

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