Multimodal Web Genres
Exploring Scientific English


Anthony Baldry is Full Professor in English language and translation in the Department of European and Mediterranean Studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Messina. He also teaches scientific English at the University of Pavia where for many years he was a member of the Faculty of Letters (1979-1998) and the Faculty of Medicine (1998-2008).

His research into scientific and medical English embraces such fields as the contemporary and evolutionary aspects of health communication, Internet and its evolution, the development of web-as-multimodal corpus software tools, semiotics-based software design, web-based syllabus design, computer-based text analysis, multimodality and multimodal corpus linguistics, digital genre analysis and digital literacy, technology-enhanced learning, dynamic modelling, transcription systems, concordancing and annotation, systemic-functional approaches to text analysis, testing including self-assessment and computer-managed testing.

All these fields come together in this volume which is designed for face-to-face classroom studies and individual and group self-access aonline studies of English for students concerned with scientific English whatever the degree course in which they are enrolled may be. Further details can be found in the webside



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Exploring Scientific English”

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