Pavia a stroll through a scientific city
Pavia scientific book guide


Pavia has been the stage for events, places and people linked to science that helped shape the history of humanity, contributed to advanced scientific and technical knowledge, and led to the progress and achievements we currently enjoy. Science is closely tied to the city’s soul, so a visit can satiate the thirst for knowledge, in particular scientific knowledge, which has furthered important steps in man’s adventure on this planet.

Illustrious scientists and men of culture, such as Spallanzani, Volta, Golgi, and Einstein together with Columbus, Leonardo, and… Buffalo Bill (yes!) just to name a few, are the protagonists of the stories this guide seeks to tell. This scientific guide is for anyone who wants to learn and know, for those who want to escape the usual approach to visiting a city, for those who have the curiosity to discover unknown things even in known places, for those seeking inspiration and original ideas, for those who love getting lost in little alleyways where you can discover hidden gardens and animals, and for those who want to know what the other guidebooks do not say.

Happy scientific walks!


This book is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend, who is now up there, among the stars he studied and deeply loved. We imagine you, Nanni, riding your Geminga while looking down here at us with a big smile and your smart humor. A giant in the giant sky: ciao Nanni (Giovanni) Bignami, see ya.



Monti Manuela, Redi Carlo Alberto


Monti Manuela, Renee Cockerham




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120 mm x 210 mm


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Pavia scientific book guide”

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