L’esilio e il nuovo mattino

Autore: Ermini Flavio



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We are in exile. We move in the multiple, gripped by the bewilderment. We were part of the physis and now we are doomed to the transience. We don’t have any home, and in the unconsciousness, we have to deal with the darkness. Only little by little we become aware that the multiplicity is an appearance; just like everything around us: night and day, heaven and earth, life and death. These distinctions are generated by our inability to conceive physis, namely things as a whole. Will we ever recognise that even our exile is an appearance? Those who want to get out to life must abandon the presence for the pure being. A new morning will only be possible after our reconciliation with nature, by experiencing again thunder, lightning, volcano. This may happen thanks to an act of love which, by involving reality and imagination, can make us nurture our relationship with the world with greater critical supervision.

Keywords: exile; appearance; meaning

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