Devenir enseignant à l’ère des ESPE

Autore: Baravalle Marta



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In view of the recent education reform in France (2013), teachers training, managed by the Écoles Supérieures du professorat et de l’Éducation, aims at making teachers experts in transforming knowledges and skills into competences that can be used in labour market. Furthermore, the risk behind the strong ‘quantitative’ characterization of the announced “modernization” of teachers’ professionalism and educational role is to hide either the complexity of its role or the whole existential and educational meaning of school experience.
The hypotheses is that this idea of professionalism, and the related recruitment, by joining a still unsolved social and economic crisis, may exacerbate the problem of the division between Scholarship Program and youth needs.

Keywords: teachers’ training; France; school modernization

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