Aware and the school system. When Knowledge begins and Life becomes an enlightening subject

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School has always been a microcosmic representation of the society it belongs to: the teacher turns into a more-or-less beloved leader, the student represents a more-or-less disciplined citizen and the classroom is the homeland where rules and constitution are applied and (made) respected. According to this point of view, undertaking a pedagogical and didactic path with a class of young human beings entails an ethical and political commitment of great responsibility. Running a shared, relational and therefore educational space is an essential and unavoidable requisite, not only to educate on respect, but also and moreover to teach about an actual pedagogy of management: in so doing, it becomes possible to instruct on a commitment towards the location where the subjects are somehow free to express themselves and their own will of being and acting. AWARE and Diversity. A pedagogical and literary adventure among Wonder and Awareness is the result of a project undertaken with a group of thirteen-year-old adolescents, with the main goal of grounding them in People and their Differences: the choice of the topic has of course implied a wise and premeditated attention, which has been applied to the main theme, to the subjects and – especially and particularly – to the space with and in which the magic of relationship has taken place.

Keywords: Awareness, Wonder, Otherness, Diversity, Human.

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