Yazidi: il massacro di un popolo. La pedagogia di fronte ai silenzi della storia

Autore: Levrero Paolo



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The article examines the terrible events that, in the month of August of the year 2014, affected the people of the Yazidis, an ancient ethnic-religious minority allocated by thousands of years in the northern regions of Iraq. The persecution carried out by terrorist militias of the group known as the Islamic State causes the extermination of those who are not prone to convert to Islam. Women are enslaved and subjected to continuous rapes and heinous violence. In approximating a reality long remained ignored and marginal within the international political debate, the article considers characters and ruinous effects of (pseudo-)religious fanaticism, spread in recent years not only in the Middle East. In opposition to the forms of destruction and self-destruction inherent in any terrorism fueled by dogmatic and fundamentalist conceptions of the human being and the world, a transcultural vision of civil society is proposed, to safeguard identity and autonomy of each culture.

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