“Tu devi”. Patologie dell’educazione: potere e coercizione

Autore: Giachery Gianluca



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The dimension of education is more and more seen, in the contemporary world, as a practice that has lost its own effectiveness of authoritative polarization. This paper focuses on the reflections upon educational practices, discursivity and activation of power dynamics in the relation of acknowledgment among different subjectivities. The considerations that follow, therefore, try to establish a line of research – regarding the close relationship between praxis and theory in the educational-pedagogical dimension – linked to the loss of large-scale cultural aims, with reference to the development of subjectivities. For this reason, only a renewed interest in critics as dubitative space of reason can renovate the public discussion upon the central issues such as power, violence and coercion.
Keywords: power; violence; coercion; care professions.

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