“Stare sulla zolla ma con lo sguardo rivolto al cielo”: perché promuovere un nuovo modello di welfare di prossimità

Autore: Rao Salvatore



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The ongoing crisis has also passed through our welfare system, impoverishing and delegitimizing it, a crisis that has also crossed the “body and mind” of operators, lessening their being agents of change. Social politics have not only been confined and delimited, but more and more intended for those who live a condition of social exclusion and marginalization. Fragmentation of individuals, separated systems of local welfare that have been taking shape, have further weakened the ability of such politics to bring a contribution within the social, cultural and economic development of the country. In order to face such crisis a new rearrangement of social politics is essential, from an institutional and organizational point of view, so as to get out of the confinement and marginalization they have been relegated. Besides, the complexity through which these services and operators must have a confrontation imposes the beginning and search for new alliances and social contracts. The culture of home assistance and living seem to be essential premises in order to head again for the path that will help us to rebuild a new system of proximity welfare, so that the individual can be recognized, supported, accompanied and put at the heart of every politics and, once become more fragile and less autonomous, even assisted and treated so as to let him continue living and inhabiting a place provided with sense.

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