Scelta e radicamento etico. Esposizione e “Appartenenza” in Heidegger e Gadamer


This study aims to address the intertwined concepts of exposure, belonging and choice as central issues in education, framing them, mainly, throug Heidegger’s and Gadamer’s oeuvre. It is argued that, since Kant, we have definitively lost the possibility to found ethics through rationality. Such loss, which has a strong educational import, has a twofold meaning: on one side it means that we have no more any safe ground on which to build our theoretical and operational frames; on the other hand such a loss works as freeing of experience, which makes the subject even more responsible for her/his interpretations and understandings. The work of Heidegger and Gadamer is exploited to address the issue. Particularly, the question of ‘projecting’, put in the first place by Heidegger, finds in Gadamer hermeneutics full development, showing all its educational potential.


145 mm x 210 mm

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