Ontologia e formazione. La vecchiaia come kairos e riappropriazione

Autore: Bossio Francesco



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Both educational and formative experiences open up the person to relationship: the encounter, the recognition and the dialogue with other persons determine an archetypal openness, an ontological motus aimed at building himself. Each person is the depositary of its own identity and singularity characterizing him as being unique and unrepeatable, but every human being is likewise connoted by an essential incompleteness. The individual is always in the act of becoming, he is always open to the world, his experience of the world never ends, his form is not closed and does not close until the person lives. The elder, who is the result of all evolutionary and formative steps experienced throughout the life, lives during the old age, what the Greeks called kairos – the right time – that is, the period of time to take, authentically, the possess of its own existential history, creating in this way a new form.

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