Norm and transgression in family education. Changing Families, Historical Features and Permanent Pedagogic Categories

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Family, as a pedagogical subject, is not such an easy one as it could appear, especially in cultural and traditional contexts in which the educational role of the family (as a model) and of the families (as its phenomena) is in some way taken for granted. “Familiar pedagogy” as scientific reflection has, therefore, earlier surfaced in such cultural contexts, in which this educational significance is not directly and spontaneously ascribed.
So, it is not an easy task, to examine the pedagogical role of family. We will, nonetheless, try to research this meanings and themes, focusing on the relationship between norm and transgression in family education.
Is there a norm, that guides parental education and teaching towards children and what is considered transgressive in regard of this values? Is it possible to consider the relationship between norm and transgression not in the sense of relationships inside the family, but in the sense of a relationship – or a conflict – between the “norm” representing society, and a “transgression” representing family?
How does this all change in sight of the aftermath of globalization and of migration phenomena, that tend to bring different values and familiar styles in close comparison? And how does this all change, in sight of the strong changing of familiar structures and their renewed recognition?
It is an argument that can’t avoid a thematic search, with some historical reference, upon the issues of authority and restlessness/uncertainty. The consideration of norm, indeed, summons the reflection upon its sources and upon the ways the power is distributed in an educational relationship; on the other side, the normative factors that are intrinsically linked to education must be deeply reconsidered in an era of uncertainty and through an unquiet look. And, at last, we would try to highlight some permanent theoretical cores of the inquiry, such as pedagogical key-points in the educational meaning of family and families.

Keywords: changing families; educational relationship; educational power.

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