Pedagogical Oedipus’ trasformations in the age of the psychic sovereignty

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Pedagogical Oedipus is a psycho-pedagogical model that, starting from the Lacanian reinterpretation of the Freudian Oedipus, tries to explain how the subjectivation process is structured looking at the encounter of the subject with the social reality and educational institutions. What does to the Pedagogical Oedipus happen when the collective imagination is stuck on a feeling of relational closure, recently defined as “psychic sovereignty”? Pedagogical Oedipus and psychic sovereignty appear, today, as two possibilities in the making of contemporary subjectivities: the first welcomes the encounter with the Other that educates to relationship; the second, on the contrary, takes shelter in the distrust of it and defends a presumed purity of the identity, leading to paranoid outcomes.

Keywords: psychic sovereignty; Edipo; Lacan; Freud; Psycho-pedagogy

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