La Place des Containers ou l’émergence d’un commun

Autore: Ayasse Marie


In 2006, the artistic collective named les Ateliers du Vent settled in an old factory and turned it into a “new territory of art” (Lextrait, 2011). In this huge building located in the middle of a brownfield, they set up workshops, a bar, and set out to occupy the empty space left to present their art in various forms. A couple of years later, the rapidly expanding city, reached this urban fringe. In reaction, in 2015, les Ateliers du Vent launched a territorialised artistic project named Place des containers in order to welcome newcomers. This study will focus on this participative art project. We will ask ourselves if and by which way art can be considered as a generator of a new kind of public, and a kind of new creative commons.



145 mm x 210 mm

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