Il senso della politica

Autore: Ranieri Andrea


The great change in Western capitalism has caused, since the 80s of the twentieth century, a radical transformation of politics-making and, above all, of the sense through which the political action expresses itself. In the continuous financial development of capitalism, the individual – a mere commodity – has become the goal of political, economic and social choices, in respect of which he no longer has any chance of decision. Anyway, if politics still has a sense, it can find again in some “emergences” (environment, job, democracy and culture function) the renewed chance to call into question its own ways of action, comparing itself with the changes imposed by modern times. For this reason, even taking inspiration from great thinkers, such as Machiavelli, the sense of politics-making cannot but be the one, inescapable, of “building a dignified life”.


145 mm x 210 mm

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