Divenire degni di ciò che accade: il senso poetico dell’evento

Autore: Mottana Paolo


The death of God (of which revivals, simulacrum resurrections and all the folkloristic representations of the un-dead are worth little) obliges to the surface. This is the datum, apparently irreversible and etymologically apocalyptic, which determines the experience in our time unlike almost all the previous eras. Those who have not seen this change and have not understood its whole explosive strength live in a sleepwalking reign and unavoidably are induced to chase illusionary and delusional goals. The search for the sense beyond or under the happening of things is opposed by a surface logic of sense, which enlightens every time the event is empowered by strength of the poetic and vital affirmation which pertains to it. Nowadays, the educational action can be oriented only in its mobile and flexible capacity to adhere to the changing and unforeseeable surface of the events, of the glimpses of wonderful that the human being presents with the force of desire on the multifaceted plan that what happens constantly offers us, insolently claiming the right to one’s own becoming.


145 mm x 210 mm

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