Biography and Cosmogony in Scheler

Autore: Russo Marco



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In the era of globalization, it is appropriate to return to reflect on what the world is. After sketching the sense of a philosophical cosmology today, the paper analyzes some crucial aspects of the concept of Weltoffenheit in Max Scheler. It serves both to renew the paradigm of the “Great Chain of Being”, the link that unites all things, and to highlight the cosmogonic character of the individual biography: the story of an individual as a dramatic birth of a microworld. Although loaded with speculative and theological elements, Scheler’s idea of the world as a personal cosmogony, as a tension between infinite openness and organic wholeness, can be of great help in developing a worldly feeling and a cosmic consciousness, on the basis of which building a cosmopolitan education appropriate to our age.

Keywords: World; Cosmology; Person; Biography; Formation.

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